Fuck You. Die Slow.

Not what I wanted. Fairly gutted tbh as it would have been a dream. But gotta keep my head up and move on I suppose…


Will be nice, chilling with LOTR and then drinks with her on my day off will be amazing. Hopefully plans will go fine unlike last time. Either way, after then ill find out where I’m gonna let my feelings go, can’t help but be reserved atm tbh


Today actually turned out okay Had a nice day, still unsure about where I stand. Tonight was good though, few drinks and some decent company :)


Really nice to know that when I just need someone to ask if I’m alright and be there for me I just get shouted at and called a pussy. Sorry for not being able to make things work for myself like you do, I remember being there for you when you got let down and were completely gutted. Nice one.

Don’t know why.

I fucking bother. Should never have listened to all those people that said I should “man up”. I knew it would just end in disappointment. Fuck this. What the fuck did I do? Really starting to think it is just me.

I own one of those snakes :)

I own one of those snakes :)